Crisis Contraceptive Pill

Crisis Contraceptive Pill

The Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) is a type of contraception which can be used after unsafe sex. This site explains the way the ECP works and lets you know just how to put it to use.

What’s the crisis Contraceptive Pill (ECP)?

The ECP is taken after non-safe sex to stop maternity.

It prevents or delays the production of an egg from your own ovaries before the sperm aren’t active within you any longer.

It stops the semen from fertilising an egg by changing the means the sperm moves within you.

It does not work when the egg happens to be fertilised.

It doesn’t damage you or an embryo that is developing.

Whenever can we use the ECP?

The ECP is authorized to be taken as much as 72 hours after intercourse (three times). Except for many people it’s still effective as much as four times after intercourse.

just How effective could it be?

A success is had by it rate of 98% for all of normal fat whenever taken within four times of non-safe sex.

The ECP isn’t as effective in the event that you weigh a lot more than 70kg plus in this case, a copper IUD is advised. You want to take the ECP, you should take a double dose – two ECPs together if you decide.

Tell your medical practitioner or pharmacist about some other medicine you’re taking since you may require additional ECPs or a copper IUD. If you vomit within three hours of using the ECP you’ll need certainly to get a differnt one.

An method that is alternative of contraception is the Copper IUD. It really is placed by a health care provider or trained nurse up to five times following the egg is released, plus it’s very nearly 100% effective.

It offers the benefit of supplying long-lasting contraception and being effective in the event that you are thicker.

Does the ECP have actually any unwanted effects?

A few individuals have moderate negative effects e.g. feel ill or vomit. You are able to make the ECP with food to reduce the possibility you will feel unwell.

There clearly was a really tiny threat of a maternity that is ectopicpregnancy away from womb) in the event that ECP fails. This will take place with any maternity and certainly will be dangerous. For those who have cramping or bleeding, visit a doctor, or get back to the center.

If you believe you will be pregnant/hapu, have pregnancy test 3 to 4 months when you make use of the ECP.

Can the ECP is got by me beforehand?

Yes, it can be bought by you from the chemist or have it from our clinics or your medical professional on prescription.

You could have it in the home in case and achieving it handy means it is possible to go on it right as you recognise there clearly was an issue.

Just just What else must I learn about the ECP?

  • It includes progestogen, that will be an extremely hormone that is safe.
  • It does not make it harder so that you could get expecting later in.
  • It is maybe maybe maybe not harmful it more than once if you use.
  • An abortion won’t be caused by it if you’re currently expecting.

Can I utilize the ECP as being a regular way of contraception?

No. The ECP isn’t as effective as other contraceptive practices, doesn’t protect you from sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and doesn’t protect you from maternity for future sex, as a regular method of contraception so it’s unwise to beautiful siberian women use it.