Kik Messenger software to power down

Kik Messenger software to power down

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Kik Messenger is shutting straight down inspite of the solution having scores of active users around the globe.

The organization said it had been closing straight down the texting service so that it could pay attention to the Kin cryptocurrency it has additionally produced.

In a weblog, Kik Interactive stated your decision was indeed forced onto it by a wrangle that is legal the usa Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over Kin.

Your decision does mean that 80 staff whom keep Kik operating will undoubtedly be let go of.

No date happens to be given for if the Kik application shall shut.

Kik Messenger launched this year and proved popular mostly given that it allows individuals register and employ it without supplying an unknown number or any other credentials.

The software in addition has shown controversial and a BBC News investigation in 2018 proposed it had featured in 1,100 British youngster abuse that is sexual authorities had examined into the previous 5 years.

In reaction, Kik stated it absolutely was “constantly evaluating and improving its trust and security measures”.

Cash community

Currently talking about its decision to change focus, Kik Interactive creator Ted Livingstone said the company had taken the “hard choice” to power down Kik as it wished to devote all its awareness of the Kin cryptocurrency.

The company could cut its overheads by 85%, he said, giving it a much better chance of winning the legal fight with the SEC by shutting down Kik and shrinking to 19 employees.

He acknowledged the problem the choice would cause because it would mean laying off individuals who had families and who had “poured their hearts and souls into Kik and Kin for more than 10 years”.

The row that is legal up as the SEC desired the Kin crypto-cash launch categorised just as given that initial stock providing for businesses that floated regarding the stock market.

It said when Kik Interactive had launched Kin, it had effortlessly carried out an $100m (Ј80m) “unregistered” stock offering.

Mr Livingstone said it had to resist the category of Kin as “safety” as this categorisation would “kill” its usability and that of other crypto-cash that is similar.

“We determined to advance and fight,” he said.

Along with fighting in court, Kik Interactive would additionally work to transform the scores of current Kin users into more active clients and purchasers, Mr Livingstone stated.

Kin presently had two million “monthly active earners” and 600,000 “monthly active spenders”.

And growing the city of Kin users significantly would make it far harder for the SEC to prevail.

“Together we shall win,” Mr Livingstone included.